Heading into a New generation

APPS JAPAN will be held for the 11th time in 2024, offers an opportunity to check various apps encourage expansion of the app business. Various applications connected to the Internet such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, TVs and digital signage are spreading and expected to be active in various scenes such as wearable devices, traffic, medical care, education etc. are introduced at once.
We will show you those apps in the exhibition.

The number of visitors 2024

6/12(Wed) Sunny


38,459 (35,886)

6/13(Thu) Cloudy and Sunny


40,629 (38,232)

6/14(Fri) Sunny


45,394 (44,990)



124,482 (119,108)

※including co-located events
※( )2023


Speaker list

Special Contents特別企画

The current location of the digital human, a pioneer of futuristic communication

Digital Human are expected to solve issues such as labor shortages and cost efficiency in many industries, as well as contribute to people in the medical and nursing care fields.

This event will also focus on the use of technology in digital signage and the use of technology in app development to create new value.

Keynote Pavilion

Current Location of the Generative AI that is increasingly accelerating business

It has been more than a year since the emergence of Generative AI, as typified by ChatGPT, has come into the limelight, and the phase of business use of Generative AI is moving from the stage of study and research to the phase of more practical implementation. However, the reality is that most companies are still facing "challenges" when it comes to implementing Generative AI. Therefore, we have set up an exhibition zone focusing on Generative AI in the exhibition hall, where actual exhibits and demonstrations will be held to further accelerate business.